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Zakat Fitrah

Written By Ahmad Romadhon on Aug 2, 2011 | 2:56 AM

Zakat Fitrah
In this Romadhon I want to share about Zakat Fitrah. It's very important to be learned for Muslims. Get to the notion of Zakat Fitrah.

A. Definition of Zakat Fitrah.
Zakat Fitrah - 2,5%
Zakah Fitr is a mandatory staple food in the form of redeemable once a year before the Eid prayer as much as 2,5 kg of the staple food for every soul. Zakah Fitr is obligatory for every person of faith and capable.

B. Time release Zakat Fitrah.

In a Hadith stating:

"Indeed a servant depends fasting between heaven and earth, that is not accepted by Allah until he release his nature Zakat" (Al-Hadith).

C. Requirements issued Zakat Fitrah
  1. Muslim
  2. Have excess food materials
  3. Meeting the sunset at the end of the month Romadhon
D. People who are entitled to receive Zakat Fitrah.

Word of Allah in the letter of At-Tauba verse 60

Indeed shodaqoh (zakat) is only for those poor, poor, administrators - administrators zakat, converts, slaves, people who owe, people who fight in Allah's way, and people who are on their way, as a provision that required Allah and Allah Knower wise.

People are entitled to zakat meneerima there are 8 categories, namely:
  1. Fakir , that is people - people who have no property to meet the needs of her family life and do not have jobs and steady income.
  2. Poor, namely those who have wealth but can not provide for his family life and income have a permanent job but not sufficient.
  3. 'Amil, namely those in charge of receiving alms, manage and distribute alms to those entitled to receive.
  4. Muallaf, namely those who are new to the religion of Islam, his faith is still weak, so it still needs guidance.
  5. Slave, the slave who was promised to be liberated master.
  6. Garim, namely those who have banyakk debt for the benefit and advancement of Islamic religion, not for evil.
  7. Fisabilillah, namely those who fight in Allah's way.
  8. Ibnu Sabil, the person who is on the way well-intentioned and difficulty of the trip.
E. The benefits of Zakat Fitrah
  1. Lighten the burden of suffering of the poor
  2. Embedding the quixotic nature, love of neighbor and eliminate the miserly nature.
  3. Creating a prosperous society.
  4. Cultivating a close brotherhood amongst.
  5. Cleaning vain deeds and words are dirty.
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