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Sign - a sign of Apocalypse

Written By Ahmad Romadhon on May 23, 2011 | 12:25 AM

Sign - a sign of apocalypse
This time I will share info about the sign - a sign of doomsday.
Signs - signs indicate the approach of doomsday doomsday. Doomsday itself is divided into 2 types, namely:
  1. Doomsday Sughra (sign - a sign of a small disaster like the death of a person) 
  2. Doomsday Kubra (the sign - a sign of the apocalypse as the destruction of the earth)
Judgement is beginning sughra outbreak of the moon in his lifetime the Prophet Muhammad. Allah says:

(فَهَل يَنظُرونَ إِلَّا السّاعَةَ أَن تَأتِيَهُم بَغتَةً ۖ فَقَد جاءَ أَشراطُها ۚ فَأَنّىٰ لَهُم إِذا جاءَتهُم ذِكرىٰهُم ﴿١٨

Thus it is that they've been waiting for doomsday but (are) coming to them with a sudden, because the real has come the signs. So whether their usefulness for their awareness that when doomsday arrived? (QS.Muhammad: 18).

The end of the apocalypse sughra the man will experience a miserable time (the time at which time full of chaos or mad).
And as a sign - a sign of doom sughra (sign - a small sign), namely:
  1. The human race away from the scholars and jurists .
  2. Faraidh and the lifting of science in the division of inheritance disputes .
  3. Shadaqah utterly rejected and the number of women than in men .
  4. The loss of science, rampant alcohol and adultery .
  5. People who cling to religion, such as holding live coals .
  6. Time was getting shorter distance .
  7. Four groups (goal) of worship pilgrimage .
  8. Misusing .
  9. destiny. Excess - .
  10. overage in prayer. Believers more despicable than in animals. 
  11. Boast - majestic in building mosques .
  12. Deceit under the guise of religion .
  13. Ulema spreader slander, Al-Quran and Islam only written only nama.
  14. Ambition of the position of (position).
  15. Rulers who lie to their people .
  16. The ruler who denied his people.
  17. Ruler of forgetting people's interests .
  18. Army - a cruel army.
  19. Few who understand the religion, many authorities but can not guarantee the security of .
  20. Man is more glorified treasure .
  21. Seeking revenue without viewing halal or haram .
  22. Many of the world's voracious .
  23. The strength of religion lies in the property.
  24. The mosque became the only solution to world affairs .
  25. Al-Quran as a propaganda tool .
  26. Rampant usury among the people. 
  27. Men like women and women resembling men .
  28. Humans prefer to educate dog than on educating children and men to take an animal. 
  29. Number of natural disasters, music and songstress .
  30. Picked up by the government tax, zakat be receivable, male - male subject to his wife and children rebel against his parents. 
  31. Muslims broke out to 73 classes .
  32. Liar claiming to be prophets .
  33. The occurrence of three eclipses.
"Hopefully this info useful for you" thank you for visiting my blog .
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