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Secret Code In Computer Keyboard

Written By Ahmad Romadhon on Feb 23, 2011 | 11:27 PM


Maybe you never ask - questions, any key combination on the computer keyboard ...??? Actually on a computer keyboard key combination helps us accelerate our work preformance in typing or any other. Without talking again Immediately, I love to know your computer keyboard key combination.
  1. PRINT SCREEN: Allows you to capture whatever is on screen computer monitor anda.
  2. ALT + PRINT SCREEN: useful for photographing (capture) the last active window on your computer screen and save it to Clipboard.
  3. CTRL + C: Useful for Copy items already at the click (File) or in blocks (in Microsoft Word).
  4. CTRL + X: Allows you to move item.
  5. CTRL + V: Useful to print or paste the item after the copy.
  6. CTRL + Z: Allows you to cancel or return to the original.
  7. DELETE: Allows you to delete the item and move it to the Recycle Bin. (This will be different when we use it in the Folder flash).
  8. SHIFT + DELETE: Allows you to delete the selected item permanently without placing the item into the Recycle Bin.
  9. CTRL when dragging items: Allows you to copy the selected item. 
  10. F2 Key: Allows you to change the name of the selected item. 
  11. CTRL + SHIFT with every direction of the arrow: Allows you to select or block text. 
  12. SHIFT with any direction of the arrow: Allows you to select more than one item in the window or desktop, or the selected text in documents. 
  13. CTRL + A: Allows you to select all. 
  14. F3: Useful to search for files or folders. 
  15. ALT + ENTER: Allows you to view the properties of the selected item. 
  16. ALT + F4: Allows you to close the active item, or exit the active program. 
  17. ALT + SPACEBAR: Allows you to open the shortcut menu of the active window. 
  18. ALT + TAB: Useful for pindahke other light items. 
  19. Windows Logo: Useful to show or hide the Start Menu. 
  20. Windows Logo + BREAK: Allows you to display the System Properties. 
  21. Windows Logo + D: Useful to show the desktop. 
  22. Windows Logo + M: Useful to meminimized windows. 
  23. Windows Logo + SHIFT + M: Enables you to restore minimized windows.
  24. Windows Logo + E: Allows you to open My Computer. 
  25. Windows Logo + L: Enables you to lock the keyboard.
  26. Windows Logo + R: Allows you to open the run. 
  27. Windows Logo + U: Allows you to open the Utility Manager.
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